Time when thrue colors of Istria come out

Experiences for your autumn trip to Istria

Every year, Istria is full of the colours, smells and tastes of autumn; it is all about harvesting grapes, picking olives and hunting for truffles. For all lovers of authentic experiences, we have chosen our 3 must-do experiences which just have to be a part of your autumn trip to Istria:


The grapes are picked and the vineyards are ready for a rest, meanwhile the wine cellars are bubbling away; the yeast armada is busy at work turning the grape juice into alcohol, the winemakers are checking the valves and listening for when the bubbling will stop so that they can start pouring mošt (young wine). We are all eagerly waiting St. Martin, who will change juice into wine and bring festivity and happiness to the new harvest year.


In the olive groves, the green fatty fruits are slowly changing to dark red, almost black. The olive growers are checking to make sure their nets, rakes and buckets are ready for action. In the torkla (where olives are processed), they are preparing to squeeze the first drops of liquid gold. Thanks to an excellent harvest last year and the increasing popularity of Istrian olive oil, a lot of olive growers have already run out of oil. Tasting different varieties and flavours of Istrian olive oil is an opportunity for a picturesque and delicious presentation of olive trees. You will certainly find the answer to the question why olive oil is also called liquid gold.


In the hidden corners of forest slopes, we find a special kind of hunter and their dog whose nose is to the ground following his master’s every command. Suddenly, the hunter’s faithful companion starts excitedly wagging his tail and digging between the roots of a tree. He has found his treasure, he is rewarded with a pat on the head and a tasty treat from his master who takes a special shovel and starts digging carefully. Our truffle hunter puts his hand into the carefully dug hole and pulls out…a truffle. Hunting for truffles does not end here! After all that hard work, we always treat ourselves to fuži (homemade pasta) with truffles accompanied by a glass of wine from a local winemaker.

We invite you to Istria. At the heart of olive groves you will taste, smell and discover the sweetness and sharpness of Istrian olive oil, the magic of Malvazija and Refošk at Istrian winemakers and discover the secret world of truffles with a truffle hunter. That’s why Istria is so beautiful in autumn.

Additional amenities we offer in this period:

  • Finish sauna
  • Floor heating
  • Garden fire pit