Wake up with nature

Istria is beautiful in all its seasons in its own way, but we must admit that it gets its special touch when spring arrives.

1. Asparagus Reign Begins

Whoever met the Green Queen of Istria will forever adore her! The arrival of spring also marks the start of the wild asparagus season that will enrich almost every culinary combination and creation. I strongly recommend that you try creamy asparagus soup at local restaurants (with some cream on top!) and reward your palate with the irresistible taste of nature. And then move on to the traditional fritaja or bacon-wrapped asparagus or… You will discover for yourself! 😛

2. Wine Walks Season

True wine lovers are already counting down the days until the start of the new season of the popular Wine and Walk events that sell out in a blink of an eye. These cheerful hikes feature the tasting of top quality local wines, enjoying Istrian gourmet delicacies as well as plenty of good fun and just a tiny bit of hangover. What else is there left to say but – Cheers!

3. Time for Sports and Recreation

Many fans of the life on two-wheels will embark on a trip to Northwestern Istria in the spring, which is known for its bike trails. Prepare your tin pets, study the destination bike guide and embark on a cycling adventure! Those who prefer running will also come into their own because there is no shortage of beautiful running terrains surrounded by nature.

4. An Ideal Destination for Day Trips

What is spring without a day trip to nature? From visiting the Mirna Valley, through exploring the Motovun Forest to enjoying the water idylls of Škarline, Istria offers an abundance of options for spring day trips enabling you to explore hidden corners of its nature.

Pack your backpacks, gather some good company and welcome to Istria! 🙂

Additional amenities we offer in this period:

  • Finish Sauna
  • Floor heating
  • Garden fire pit